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Community driven CSBro

Hi, Bro!

CSBRO.com — is a brand-new case-opening platform with the lowest possible House Edge on the market, which is only 5%. It means that with every case you open we earn twice less than most of the other case-opening platforms. Moreover, you can be sure that you won’t be ever scammed on our platform because we are using the Provably Fair system which gives you a clear understanding regarding your chances to win a specific skin. At this point, we are currently in beta testing. What does it mean to you? Basically, it means that sometimes you might find some minor bugs, unfinished details and features, so we are making very-very first steps to become the best case-opening platform and we would really appreciate your help! What is our mission? Our mission is to create a case-opening project that will be built for community members, by community members, and that will be operated by our community members as well. So if you found a bug or exploit on the platform, then please reach out to us, you can do that by filling up the form. We promise, your voice will be heard!

All the users that have signed up before January 2022 will receive a permanent “beta-user” badge and early access to the new content on the platform.

Here you can check out our roadmap that represents our plans and goals for the nearest future. As soon as we pass the “testing phase”, you will be able to determine the future of the project and operate its development, along with hundreds and thousands of users. We want our players to take part in almost every aspect of the platform’s development: from its features and modes to cases & design. And make sure to subscribe and follow us on our social media, so you won’t miss any polls, important announces and lots of bonuses.